Quantum P Flow Cytometer

+++ personal +++ precise  +++ powerful +++ portable +++ proven +++ pantau® single photon analysis +++

…compact and economic single cell and particle analyzer with flexible configurations from simple 1 light source (LED/laser) and 1 optical channel (parameter) up to 3 light sources and 8 optical channels.

Quantum P is designed for you! Careful attention is paid towards simplicity, precision and cost efficiency of operation and maintenance. This makes Quantum P unique and different from other FCM equipment typically requiring sophisticated lab environments. QA all in-house hard- and software development, including CyPAD® and CyPAD® touch, precisely match to Quantum P and provide seamless instrument operation and automation within a single integral system. Good choice if you are looking for a powerful personal flow cytometer!

Quantum P is an open system based on QA’s proven modular cytometer platform technology. This allows flexible integration into your specific environment. Data exchange is transparent and connectivity provided on various levels, from synchronizing to other equipment as autoloaders and bioreactors over international FCS data format standards to configurable Excel lab request and report workflow, network and LIMS data base systems.

Also available as OEM product tailored to your application and brand!

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  • Your Personal Cytometer
  • Sensitive Particle Analysing System
  • Precise Volumetric Cell Counts and Analysis
  • Simple Direct Instrument Control
  • Up to 400 samples/h Sample Automation with pocketSPU autoloader*
  • CyPAD® Software with Simple Touch or Keyboard/ Mouse Operation


  • High Quantum Efficiency Wide Dynamic Range Light Detection
  • Proven Cytometer Technology
  • pantau® Single Photon Detection Technology*
  • Precise and Robust Flow Cell
  • Powerful Light Sources, including Laser and High-Power LED
  • Smart Light Source Modulation Modes*
  • Support for New Applications
  • Modular Open System Architecture
  • Compact Size
  • Lab-Friendly Design: Easy and Cost Efficient Maintenance

* option


  • Plant Cell, Animal Cell, Yeast, Bacteria Analysis
  • DNA Ploidy Analysis/Aneuploidy Screening
  • Cell Growth Analysis
  • Cell Cycle Analysis
  • Raw Milk Quality Control (Somatic Cell Count)
  • Biochemical Screening
  • Cell Counting
  • Live/Dead and Cell Vitality Analysis
  • Bioreactor/Fermentation Control
  • Cell Culture Monitoring
  • Cell Toxicology
  • Hygiene Screening
  • Bead-Based Assay Analysis
  • QA lab-on-bead™ Technology
  • Environmental Cell and Particle Analysis
  • Micro- and Nanoparticle Research

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Routine Microbial Contamination Control.

Automated high troughput plant ploidy analysis and aneuploidy screening with Quantum P flow cytometer + pocketSPU autoloader and CyPAD Software.
Yeast cell growth parameter analysis (model bioreactor). Fully automated by Quantum P FCM with automated cell staining and suspension handling add-on. Cell concentration vs. time. Quasi-continuous observation time: 64 h.

Rapid live/dead counting of bacteria. Micrococcus luteus in suspension, stained with Quantum Viability Stain NA2 (Kit R0055). Top: Staining procedure. Left: Result from Quantum P flow cytometer. Right: Analysis with Fluorescence Microscopic Analyser. Live bacteria: green. Dead bacteria: red.


Dialysis process water hygienic control: Rapid live bacteria analysis with Quantum P flow cytometer. From left to right: medium, no (very low) and high live bacteria contamination. Staining: Quantum Viability Stain NA2 Kit. Right: 10x diluted suspension, taken into account in concentration result.
Note: FCM bacteria counting results can differ significantly from classical culture media plate tests due to LBNC bacteria (live but non-culturable). FCM detects them all!


QA Microscopic Analyzer

…offer a new, innovative image-supported approach to high count statistical single particle analysis. Being compatible with our recent microfluidics slide technology, we see huge potential as combinable and complementary tool for flow cytometry applications.

We invite you to follow us! Be among the first to take part exploring new and upcoming applications with our new microcopic analyzers!


  • Build upon new modular INVERSO fluorescence microscope (Cytecs)
  • Compact desktop design
  • Large sample area analysis (up to 50 mm x 50 mm)
  • Ultra resolution (>500 MPixel)
  • Sub-µm optical resolution (high aperture objective lens)
  • Sensitive high resolution camera
  • Powerful multi-LED-based fluorescence excitation
  • Software controlled multi-image stitching and excitation process
  • Compatible with QA Microfluidics Slides
  • Combinable with automated microfluidics control
  • Modular open system architecture
  • Support for new applications

Technology also available for OEM applications and products!

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QA Microscopic Analyzer for large area, high resolution analysis.

Live/dead yeast cell (shown) and bacteria analysis.


  • Large Area Analysis with Sub-Cellular Resolution
  • Rare Cell Fluorescence Analysis
  • Ultra Low Concentation Particle Detection and Analysis
  • Ultra-Microtome Tissue Analysis*

* performed with partners.

(more to follow)

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Cell Tissue Analysis

Large Area, High Resolution Cell Analysis: PI cell nuclei staining (sample: UK Erlangen).

Single Adhered Cell Analysis

Large Area, High Resolution Cell Analysis with QA Microscopic Analyzer. PBMC (peripheral blood mononuclear cells) CD45-PE antibody leukocyte marker (sample: INVIGATE, Jena). Analysis area (left): 2 mm x 2 mm (256 MPixel).

Plant Microtome Imaging and Microplastic Single Particle Analysis

Large area (5 mm x 5 mm), high resolution fluorescence image of Convallaria rhizome.
Transmission and fluorescence based detection of PMMA and PE microplastic particles (side-by-side with anorganic particles) in cosmetic body lotions. Material specific polymer staining.



  • CyPAD® Data Acquisition and Instrument Control Software for Cytometers
  • FloMax Data Acquisition and Instrument Control Software for Cytometers
  • CVIS Microscopic Analyzer Software
  • Customer Specific Software

Reagents and Disposables

  • Cell Suspension Preparation and Staining Solutions
  • Sheath Fluid for Flow Cytometers
  • Cleaning Solutions
  • Reference Particles
  • Sample Vials and Multi-Well-Plates
  • Cell Separation Filters
  • Replacement Tubing Sets

…and much more

Spare Parts

  • Precision Flow Cells (also compatible with most Partec flow cytometers)
  • Optical Elements
  • Instrument Control Computers
  • Electronics Boards

…and much more

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FiltriX Cell Separation Filters for optimum sample suspensions.
QA Reagents and reagent kits for various applications.

OEM Modules and Components

  • OEM Analyzer Modules
  • Compact Light Sources (laser, power-LED)
  • Fluidics Control and Automation Modules
  • Biophotonics Signal Processing Modules

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SMSP Smart Mini Syringe Pump. Super-smooth high precision fluidics module with integrated microcontroller. Control via serial interface/USB. Integrated flexible fluidics valve control and extension interface. Designed for the efficiency of our analyzers. Suited for microfluidics management. But also separately available and customizable for integration into your OEM product.

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