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Quantum Analysis Moves!

Please note our new address valid from April 01, 2024 to be used for all correspondence and shipments:
Bitte beachten Sie unsere neue Adresse ab dem 01. April 2024 für Kommunikation und Lieferungen:

New address from April 01, 2024:

Quantum Analysis GmbH
Münstermannweg 16
48153 Münster

QA will be located with all activities in new units in the Münstermann Höfe, a former industrial factory site for wooden window manufacturing, now transforming to a modern and attractive high-tech work space.

Touching Münster city center, not far from main railway station, the place is very easy to reach by public transportation, bicycle or car. The location is in only 10 min distance from QA former place within Medical and Natural Sciences Campus Area of the University of Münster.

Address up to March 31, 2024:

Quantum Analysis GmbH
Mendelstraße 17
48149 Münster

Located within the Nano Bioanalytik Zentrum (NBZ, Nano Bioanalytics Center), in direct neighborhood to the medical and natural sciences facilities of the University of Münster and Max Planck Institute for Molecular Biomedicine.

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