Accessories and More

Analyzers do not do their job without well matching accessories like software, reagents and spare parts. QA provides what is needed for optimum results and maintenance. Long-term. Economically.

FiltriX Cell Separation Filters for optimum sample suspensions.
FiltriX Leaflet…
QA Reagents and reagent kits for various applications.


  • CyPAD® Instrument Control and Data Analysis Software for Cytometers
  • FloMax® Instrument Control and Data Analysis Software for Cytometers
  • CVIS Microscopic Analyzer Software
  • OEM Customer Specific Software


Reagents and Disposables

  • Cell Suspension Preparation and Staining Solutions
  • Sheath Fluid for Flow Cytometers
  • Cleaning Solutions
  • Reference Particles
  • Sample Vials and Multi-Well-Plates
  • Cell Separation Filters
  • Replacement Tubing Sets

…and much more


Spare Parts

  • Precision Durable FCM Flow Cells*
  • Optical Elements
  • Fluidics Elements
  • Lasers/LED Light Sources
  • Instrument Control Computers
  • Electronics Boards

…and much more

*also compatible with most Partec flow cytometers


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