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Welcome to QA Biophotonics…

…quantum precision for life!

At Quantum Analysis (QA) we design and manufacture finest scientific and biophotonic instruments and components.

Our passion is to offer innovative solutions based on most powerful, miniaturized, and efficient analytical instrument designs. We love the challenge to explore and reach ultimate precisions at quantum analytical detection limits using the analytical power of light – always having in mind the benefit of humans.

Our company lives from the enthusiasm of individual people. As scientist, engineer, and commercial specialist: We provide our customers the expertise and passion to make ambitious analytical applications possible and problems solved.

Since founded in 2000, Quantum Analysis is following a long-term strategy in serving our customers for current and future analytical requirements.

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Our Products

Quantum Analysis’ core technology products are innovative flow cytometry (FCM) and microscopy based biophotonic analytical systems and modules, in-house developed and manufactured:

  • Analytical Instruments
  • Compact Flow Cytometers
  • Imaging Analyzers
  • Analytical Fluorescence Microscopes
  • OEM Analysis Systems, Modules, Software
Accessories for cell and particle analysis: Cell separation filters and more…

Our instruments are versatile and open for extensions. They match and perform perfectly with our:

  • Cytometry Instrument Control and Data Analysis Software
  • Reagents and Disposables
  • Accessories & Spare Parts

QA products are known for their outstanding performance, quality and reliability.

But there is much more you get from QA: Application specific solutions combined with deep technical application know-how and support.

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QA Analyzers: Versatile tool for aquatic and maritime biology research.

Applications and Solutions

QA Analyzer Systems are versatile and flexible tools, used for many various cell and particle analysis applications, all over the world. QA provides application specific solutions combined with deep application know-how and support. And – for new applications – at QA we enjoy finding best solutions together with our customers.

Don’t hesitate and contact QA with your specific analysis problem!

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QA Analyzers assist in modern accelerated crop breeding.


Reagents and disposables for rapid seed and planthouse quality control.
QA Analyzers are invaluable tools for environmental research and efficient agricultural seed quality control.

Our Customers

Our products are used by more than 3000 international customers all over the world, even far out from sophisticated lab environments. Even on ocean boats and for maritime, aquatic deep sea, arctic and antarctic research.

Among our end customers are well known institutions and companies:

  • Biological and Medical Research Labs
  • NGO Point-of-Care Labs in Resource-Poor Settings
  • Cell Culture and Cell Analysis Labs
  • Environmental and Aquatic Research Labs
  • Modern Plant Breeding Companies
  • Routine Raw Milk Analysis Control Labs*
  • Food and Beverage Industry*
  • Fermentation Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry*
  • Winery Quality Labs
* performed with OEM partners

Our customers use QA Analyzers and technology for many aspects in our life. Including guaranteeing and improving the quality of many well-known products.

Distribution and Service Partners

QA is a reliable long-term partner. We work very closely with our customers and distribution partners – since many years.

We support our experienced international distributors and service partners, as well as OEM partners, providing an outstanding end customer service and support.


OEM Partners

Our OEM partners market and distribute application-specific analyzers under their own brands, offering a perfect international service and support network.


Contact us for best local application support, supply and service…

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